Chris Chaichuen

Attorney at Law

Practices in civil, criminal, and labor litigation, as well as in administrative investigations and proceedings, including taxation and corporate compliance.

Ava Saenkaeo

Attorney at Law

Practices taxation, criminal law, special proceedings, special projects, labor, immigration, corporate law, and litigation, with over eight years of experience.

William Dutch

Senior Associate

Practice covers criminal litigation, civil litigation, adoption proceedings, settlement of estates, corporate restructuring, and US immigration and visa applications.

Milla Vitch

Attorney at Law

Practices dispute resolution; litigation and appeals for civil, criminal, and administrative cases; labor law; special proceedings; medical malpractice; cybercrime; and election law.

Nicole Suksombun


Assists in corporate and taxation law, labor law, data privacy law, administrative law, special projects, share purchase deals, and local and international mergers and acquisitions.

Michael Stone


Centers his practice in civil, criminal, and labor litigation, as well as managing the law firm in Thailand.

Katie Tharapcherin

Junior Associate

She counsels on banking laws, advertising laws, civil laws, trade laws, laws on credit information systems, intellectual property and trademark laws.

Arnold Pettis


Advises on corporate and taxation laws, risk management, data privacy and protection, contracts, and regulatory compliance, and carries out representations before government agencies.