Title Deeds in Thailand
Title Deeds in Thailand
Title Deeds in Thailand

If you are looking at buying real estate in Thailand then you need to speak to a Thai lawyer about the types of title deeds which are available in Thailand. Some are simply title deeds which only allows you to hold the property but not sell it. Be warned!

If you are buying property in Pattaya or simply buying property in Isaan then consider what title deeds are available on the market. In Isaan many title deeds are held by the government and the people in the land are only holding the right to occupy the land. They might try to sell you such a title deed and not speaking the language or knowing the law you could find yourself in trouble with the government later.

Not long ago there had been problems in Samui where developers had taken land from the government which was meant for a plantation and built property on the land. Many investors bought the property but it was only later when Bangkok could not understand how so many title deeds had been sold in Samui when there was not that much land. Safe to say those who bought property had been arrested for occupation of government land illegally and they also lost their investment. Don’t get caught in this way.

Firstly the most common title deed that is bought and sold in Thailand is called a Chanote. This is a full title deed and can be sold. This is what you would be looking for when buying any form of real estate in Thailand. The Chanote is also called the Nor Sor 4.

Next in line under the Chanote is land that has not been upgraded as yet. This land has been measured and its location known however it has not been fully registered as yet. This is a Nor Sor 3 Kor. This can be upgraded to a full Chanote if nobody objects to it being upgraded. Be very careful when dealing in property in Thailand.

The bottom of the list of title deeds is the Nor Sor 3. This land has not been measured as yet and still needs to be done. This land can be upgraded to a Nor Sor 3 Kor and then later upgraded again to a full Chanote. Each comes with its risks except for the Chanote.

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